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Vouliwatch in the press

10482427_1404782649763020_7100867332991665773_n7 super ventures changing things in Athens

Wednesday, 15 June 2016 |, Joe Gray and Morgan Meaker


logo_greek_news_agenda ParliamentWatch: Antonis Schwarz on the Vouliwatch project and citizen engagement in Greece | Μonday, 9 May 2016 | “Greek News Agenda, Lina Syriopoulou.

 toute-europe Stefanos Loukopoulos: “La majorite’ des Grecs attendent les elections du 20 septembre avec un melange de cynicisme et de mepris”| Wednesday, 16 September 2015 | “Toute l’ Europe.

guardian-logoGreece: “The crisis has brought out solidarity, love and collective action”| Monday, 22 June 2015 | “The Guardian“, Maria Kottari & Kristina Kanata

555397_434848169966211_1657278288_n Diese jungen Griechen wollen ihr Land verändern |Thursday 18 June 2015 | “Huffington Post Deutschland”, Christoph Asche


 Even in the “Birthplace of Democracy” Holding Parliament Accountable Is a Challenge | TuesdaPersoalDemocracyMediay, 10 March 2015 | “Techpresident“, Antonella Napoletano


OSF Accountability in Greece Should not Stop at Elections | Monday, 26 January 2015 | “Open Society Foundation”, Stefanos Loukopoulos



En Grèce : «La politique sur le Web, c’est notre Révolution française» | Sunday, 25 January 2015 | “Le Nouvel Observateur“, Daphnée Breytenbach και Ismaël Mereghetti


forbesHow Some Greek Geeks Are Boosting Civic Engagement In Harsh Times |Monday 14 April 2014 | “Forbes“, Federiko Guerrini.


cafebabel_en Antonis Schwarz: My hope to come clean out of this crisis | Friday 4 April 2014 | “”, Elina Makri.


ashCenterLogoVouliWatch: Crowd-sourcing the Greek Parliament | Tuesday 15 March 2014 | «Harvard Kennedy School ASH Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation».

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